Why we all need to detox ….

So you follow a healthy lifestyle, eat plenty of fruit and veg, drink some water per day, you may consider that you are fully ‘detoxed’ What if I told you that wasn’t the case?

We are constantly bombarded by external toxins from our environment, (ie chemicals in our food, water, heavy metals, pesticides) to name a few plus the majority of us eat a lot of non organic, fast and convenient food. The problem with the ‘standard’ western diet and our ‘modern lifestyle’  is that it causes an accumulation of waste deep in our tissues, our bodies simply cant keep up  and that waste can only gradually be released as and when we take care of our colon. The statistic these days are 1 in 3 suffer with constipation!

We start in life with a clean internal system. Interesting to note  that babies, birds and animals will evacuate within 12-15 hours  of every meal.  That is how we are designed! The intestines are an evacuation process, not a storage facility!  The end result is that it begins to poison your body, with more toxins coming in, and staying in then are being removed we end up with chronic toxicity building up  which will eventually show up as  health issues further down the line

Even if you eliminate a couple of times a day, there will be some residue in your body! Here is a test to know:

First thing in the morning, before you have got up, while still lying in bed, see if your tummy is concave, if it is then you are empty. However if your tummy is either level with your ribs or protruding out, then your insides are in need of a cleanse!

A detox doesn’t have to be hard, if you are eating a ‘regular’ diet start by removing these:

  • Wheat, Sugar, Dairy , Salt.
  • Drink plenty of water (juicing is great too)  and ideally stay away from the caffeine.
  • A detox can help to reset the body, give it a go you might just notice the difference!
  • You can further the process of detoxing by adding in a colonic, a wonderful way of supporting the body during a cleanse.

Recipe for a Cleansing Mojito:

Ingredients: (Makes one large serving)

2 small cucumbers

Small handful of mint leaves

1-2 Pears (depending on how sweet you want it)

1 lime peeled

Put through a juicer and serve!