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“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream!”

How does the current Covid situation leave you feeling?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you suffering from anxiety or depression?

Do you feel isolated or lonely?

Bring inner calm to the chaos

….with a Health & Wellbeing Balance.

This gentle but powerful treatment is done online and gets to the heart of the matter. It releases old emotions and beliefs that have got stuck in the body which can cause pain and physical issues.

Using Kinesiology (a multi-dimensional healing modality which gives us biofeedback around the known imbalances within the body), it quickly identifies what is really going on for all of you – on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic level.


Under COVID restrictions, lots of people are self-isolating or unable to access their usual therapy or healing.  This treatment is perfect for these unprecedented times and is just as effective and powerful as in-person appointments.

You will notice a change in your mind, body and spirit very quickly.

The body is an energy system creating an electromagnetic field that radiates outside of the body. We have 1000s of energy pathways that flow through the body and our subconscious programming effects this energy and then in turn the physical body gets affected. We are working energetically and that energy has no boundaries. Energy flows where attention goes. What we hold in our subconscious is shown in our energy field so we can pick up this information when doing the muscle checking.


I tune into your energetic body using muscle testing to establish the core root of an issue and then using various techniques to release these and balance the body.

Easy, Powerful & Calming! I booked a session with Louise during the first lockdown about my foot pain. It had reached the point of being unbearable and I was unable to see my usual therapist. She emailed me a questionnaire which I quickly completed prior to our consultation on Zoom. This was all new to me, but all very straight forward. We started off by going through my answers, and Louise asked more specific questions to get clarity. She was easy to talk to and very reassuring. I felt I was in safe hands. Louise then began to give me detailed feedback on what was going on inside my body. I was shocked how accurate this was in relation to my emotional wellbeing – my body knew I was holding in grief and lots of anger from a very toxic family situation. Louise gave me clear instructions to move, hold myself or tap and breathe whilst saying things back to her. I was quite emotional at times, but afterwards, I felt relieved. I was calm and relaxed. After 3 balances my foot pain totally disappeared. I can wear shoes that I have not been able to wear for months! Amazing. I have no idea how it works, but it most certainly does and Louise is such a wonderful therapist who instantly puts you at ease.  Matilda Prothwick, London


  • Fatigue and low mood
  • Emotional distress, such as heartache, anxiety, fear and panic
  • Physical pain – backache, muscle pains and headaches
  • Menopause and hormonal issues
  • Poor immune system
  • Constipation, heartburn, indigestion, and bloating


These sessions are done over zoom from the comfort of your home and take around an hour. Click the orange button below to access Louise’s diary and make your appointment today.

COST £50

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Louise is the owner of The Sunshine Clinic and also provides other treatments including Colonic Hydrotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Jing Massage and Reflexology. She is passionate about gut health and raw food. She also makes yummy raw chocolate over at Divinely Raw.