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Do you have little health niggles?

Are you not feeling as good as you did?

Want an indication as to where you are health-wise?

The Health Analysis is a wonderful tool in which we can look into your health and get a clear idea of what is going on for you, what is out of balance and what needs extra support to get you feeling good again!

Each part of our body is intrinsically related to the rest, so when one body system is under par this impacts the other systems and consequently, your overall health begins to suffer.


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Option 1: Personal Health Analysis

£30 £40 Introductory Price

The analysis takes about an hour and is done remotely with Louise via Zoom. It identifies the weak spots on a physical level. She will talk you through the process and feedback any weaknesses picked up. Where needed, nutritional supplements will be recommended so you can bring your health back into balance. You will be given a code to get a discount on your recommended supplements

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Option 2: Personal Health Analysis PLUS

£40 £50 Introductory Price

As well as the physical health analysis (as described above in option 1), we also explore what is going on emotionally for you and identify the correct remedies to support you. After the analysis, this remedy is sent to you and is included in the cost.

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Louise is the owner of The Sunshine Clinic and also provides other treatments including Colonic Hydrotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Jing Massage and Reflexology. She is passionate about gut health and raw food. She also makes yummy raw chocolate over at Divinely Raw.