Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a re-educational technique with excellent therapeutic benefits. It is a practical way of learning to release unwanted tension so we can move more freely and easily. In movements such as standing, walking and even sitting we may be distorting the body and interfering with its natural functioning. We can be reacting to a stimulus by over-tensing or collapsing throughout our whole structure. This �mis-use� may result in aches, pains, tension, fatigue or simply feeling ill at ease in one�s body.

How does it work?

The Alexander Technique is directly concerned with the working of the postural reflexes. These enable us to support and balance our bodies against the pull of gravity as we go about our everyday activities. These postural reflexes are greatly affected by the co-ordination of the head neck and back. The Alexander Technique works to reduce interference with this relationship. If these support mechanisms are allowed to work in harmony, good use spontaneously returns: freedom of movement, easier breathing, natural poise and good posture follow.

Who needs it?

People have Alexander lessons for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are - chronic back pain, neck and shoulder tension, recurring headaches and breathing difficulties. An increasing number of people come because they find the Technique enhances their body's general functioning and gives them a sense of overall well being. The Alexander Technique is also widely used in various fields of performance such as music, acting and sports, to enhance skills and prevent injury.

About the lesson

Lessons are individual (one to one). A teacher will gently use their hands to assist in the release of unnecessary tensions, whilst explaining how to prevent negative habit patterns interfering with one�s natural functioning. This may be done in simple activities such as standing or sitting, walking or quietly lying down. The process is non invasive and educational. As a client becomes aware of their use they can begin to apply the principals they have learned to any activity from singing, driving, walking to playing golf, -indeed every aspect of life!


Tuesday 9.45am - 12pm

Alternative hours upon request

Your Therapist

Gemma qualified as a teaching member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in 1999. The society was established in 1958 and has over 2500 teaching members worldwide. All members are professionally qualified and adhere to a published code of ethics. To reach a standard approved by the society a three-year, full time training course has to be completed.


"Having been a student of the Alexander Technique for several years I have been thrilled with the difference it has made to my body image and approach to life generally. Because of the Alexander Technique I feel that getting older is now an exciting opportunity for continual improvement in the way I move and use my body and the youthful outlook that that knowledge generates".

Janice, Surrey