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Louise Knecht

Louise Knecht

Having previously practised in Indian head massage and reflexology, Louise gained her I-ACT certification in colonic irrigation before opening her own clinic. She has also studied holistic nutrition which compliments her work in hydrotherapy.

My personal journey to a colonic hydrotherapist is rooted in my own health problems some years back. Having suffered for some time with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which at its worst was extremely debilitating, I looked for something which would bring relief from my symptoms. This was found not only in addressing my diet in which I cut out certain foods that were aggravating my stomach, but mostly in colonic hydrotherapy; a therapy which turned my life around. This led to me decide to train to help others with a condition that the doctors seem unable to help with.

Louise is also qualified in Jing Massage (a whole body massage which releases knots and tension in the muscles) and Kinesiology.

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