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Special Lockdown Offering

If you’re finding the ongoing pandemic anxiety-inducing or stressful, we’re here to help. Worry and stress put the nervous systems into a constant fight and flight mode which leads to physical symptoms and eventually health issues. This session will get your body out of fight and flight and into rest and repair.

We’re committed to supporting you through these unprecedented times. Your health is important. We’re releasing these donation-based sessions every week during lockdown.


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Are we getting enough of the sunshine vitamin? 
Are we getting enough of the sunshine vitamin? 

Is too much stress slowly killing us?
Is too much stress slowly killing us?

Energy Balancing – therapy from a distance
Energy Balancing – therapy from a distance


A Clinic and Beauty Therapy Salon

We offer a range of therapies from Colonic Irrigation to Osteopathy. Each treatment offers different benefits and can be utilised independently, or combined with others as a complete course of treatments.

We aim to act as a single point of contact for all of your health and beauty needs, ensuring that you have access to a wealth of informed support and advice.

The Sunshine Clinic is based in Send, Surrey just 2.5 miles from Woking town centre and 3 miles from Guildford. The clinic is only 1 mile from the A3 and 5 miles from the M25.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy



Jing Massage

Jing Massage



Happy Clients


My Colon Hydrotherapy treatment at The Sunshine Clinic was the best I have ever had. Louise made me feel right at ease and the treatment was very private and professional. The method used was different to any other I have had and let me be in full control of the situation. The results really were instant and I left feeling lighter and brighter than I have felt in a long time. My tummy feels a million times better and flatter than it was and I will definitely return. In fact I booked my next treatment before I left. Thank you Louise for a really fantastic treatment!

Charlotte Joseph

Since having the colonic hydrotherapy I have had NO bloating after meals which is great! My back and pelvis have been feeling virtually normal instead of having a continuous burning ache which was driving me mad and I generally feel 'lighter' and not congested anymore. It is certainly a treatment that I would definitely have again and I am seeing my physio today and will let her know how much I have benefitted from it. Thank you SO much for making an unusual procedure a very relaxing and positive experience!!


I have had a series of treatments at the Sunshine Clinic and after each one of them I left feeling great and revitalised. Louise is very professional, yet incredibly friendly. I would definitely recommend the colonic treatment to everyone, whether one suffers from any health problems or not. I think we all can only benefit from it and there is really nothing to be embarrassed or worried about.

Veronika, Woking

Having put up with years of pain caused by symptoms of IBS/digestion problems, I finally stopped procrastinating and booked myself in for colonic hydrotherapy at The Sunshine Clinic. I met with Louise Knecht my therapist who I cannot recommend highly enough. She was calm, very informative and totally professional in her manner throughout the procedure. Bearing in mind the personal nature of the session, I felt totally at ease with Louise and found the actual treatment very effective. Prior to the therapy, I had always felt quite knotted and tender in my stomach however, that has disappeared overnight. I feel more energetic than I have done in ages and my skin and eyes even look brighter! I have already spoken with friends recommending them to visit the clinic and will be more than happy to return.

Nicki Olyott

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EMF Shield
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Are you worried about the effects of 5G?

We have an EMF Shield in stock now, which has been designed for 5G, so you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of non-ionising EMF radiation.

Call or email for more info and to order.